Catgut Strings Romancing The Fiddle

'Catgut Strings Romancing the Fiddle
A fascinating and colorful show revealing the history of the fiddle in America. My one man stage show celebrating the 'Fun, Romance and Folkore' of the fiddle, America's first and favorite folk instrument ! Stories, folklore, poetry, original songs, and best of all...lots of fiddling!

Dave Rainwater Western Fiddler & Gold Country Minstrel & Strolling Entertainer
Every now and then, an occasion calls for a fiddler with wild abandon. A fiddler who will just simply play that darned thing with hoedowns and other frilly tunes. Dave cuts loose with Western melodies, old vaudevillian tunes and Tin Pan Alley classics. He'll tap his toes and go off into flights of harmonica fancies. He'll grab his mandolin and you'll swear he's an Italian with his renditions of lovely mandolin melodies and jazz it up with an occasional rock and roll ditty. He'll rattle off one liners or confuse you with tales of nonsense and Mother Goose. He'll walk around like he's some PHD musicologist or folklorist with anecdotal bits of American history and folklore. He plays from a repertoire too numerous to mention. He says 'he's got a million of em'. He thinks he wrote that line 'fiddling is like a box of chocolates ! You never know what you're gonna get!' Dave advises people that he is a trained hillbilly expert and DONT TRY THIS AT HOME. He has been told on a number of occasions that a young boy or girl has taken up the violin because of him! He couldn't think of a better reward in this life.......
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